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Mobee Technology becomes MobeeLife

Mobee Technology becomes MobeeLife

The award winning company Mobee Technology Ltd recognized for exclusive design and technology products sold in the Apple Stores worldwide become MobeeLife Ltd.

A new logo, new packaging for our range of life style products.

Launch of the Privacy

Launch of the Privacy

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new product : Privacy.

Past months have showed us how much our Privacy is at risk through our favorites smartphones, tablets and computers.

Mark Zuckerberg himself worries about this risk ...

How many of us have sticked an ugly piece of tape to cover the camera ?

Now do it in style with the Privacy !

Privacy is a smart and design products that you stick on any of your device to cover the camera and protect your Privacy. Any time you want to you use your camera, just slide the magnetic door.

Privacy comes in a set of 3 units in white, black and grey.

Retail price : 19.95$

Get yours quickly on our website : Privacy